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Recently Microsoft released the next major mspoweruser.com 5) App folders on the start menu If you are already in love with the type of app folder arrangement in your windows 10 mobiles, you are in for a total surprise! Now, you can drag and drop your various apps into different folders that expand further when clicked on. A more neat […]

one page website design

The one page website design is the newest and hottest layout in web design. This layout has put the average web design in a completely new perspective. The one-page web design is modern, sleek, and has extended space for creativity. Read below the 7 ways most creative designs to use on a one-page design.

In the Weekly Design Inspiration series, we’ll gather a collection of beautiful and stunning design illustrations, photo manipulations, digital arts, website design concepts, UI/UX and graphic designs. These designs will surely inspire you to get started your own project.


Desktopography is an exhibition that releases once a year, with nature related wallpapers created by some of the best graphics designers in the world. It is a non–profit project arrived in 2005 as a place to download nature / topological themed wallpapers with edits from selected designers.

Internet.org by Facebook

Internet.org by Facebook is a art direction and digital art project by Ars Thanea CGI studio. It’s an advertising campaign shared on the their Behance profile. Background: Internet Access is considered a basic human right together with Freedom of Speech, Gender Equality, Water and Shelter by the United Nations. Each person that comes online has the potential to create and