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web design inspiration websites

Every creative professional needs inspiration once in a while, So here I’ve selected 20 of the best sources for web design inspiration, which can help you to find ideas and inspiration. This list includes websites, communities, and CSS galleries.

chat widget

A cool CSS chat widget with a minimal design and animation for an easy user navigation. A resizable chat layout with a maximize or minimize button to adjust the size of the window. Navigation button on top of each screen to change the screen layout.

The Transmission

Wallpaper of the Week series is about beautiful, high resolution and the most inspiring images across the web. The wallpaper of this week is an amazing image by Adam Spizak. For more wallpapers by Adam you can visit Spizak.com

Design Inspiration - Faces by Sasha Vinogradova

In the Weekly Design Inspiration series, we’ll gather a collection of beautiful and stunning design illustrations, photo manipulations, digital arts, website design concepts, UI/UX and graphic designs. These designs will surely inspire you to get started your own project.

Recently Microsoft released the next major mspoweruser.com 5) App folders on the start menu If you are already in love with the type of app folder arrangement in your windows 10 mobiles, you are in for a total surprise! Now, you can drag and drop your various apps into different folders that expand further when clicked on. A more neat