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Internet.org by Facebook

Internet.org by Facebook is a art direction and digital art project by Ars Thanea CGI studio. It’s an advertising campaign shared on the their Behance profile. Background: Internet Access is considered a basic human right together with Freedom of Speech, Gender Equality, Water and Shelter by the United Nations. Each person that comes online has the potential to create and […]

Fantasy Lights Set

In the Weekly Design Inspiration series, we’ll gather a collection of beautiful and stunning design illustrations, photo manipulations, digital arts, website design concepts, UI/UX and graphic designs. These designs will surely inspire you to get started your own project.

wallpaper of the week

The Wallpaper of the Week series is about beautiful, high resolution and the most inspiring stock images across the web. The wallpaper of this week is a stunning black light Photograph by h heyerlein. For more photos like this, you can visit Unsplash.

canvas examples codepen

<canvas> is an HTML element which can be used to draw graphics, make photo composition or animations, rendering graphs and game graphics. Here are some unbelievable canvas examples on codepen that I bet you can’t stop playing with them.

Global Free Portfolio Website Template

Global is a single page free portfolio website template coded by Bucky Maler that you can use to build amazing and perfect professional portfolios quickly. The global template is based on the design by Sergey Melnik.